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The best of the talent are finding the pressure of work as demanding and need much requird stress relief as well as with the momentum. Sighting this need Shri Narayan Tours India has come up with poineering stress relief & HRD training camps run by the seasoned professionals.

If you're a wildlife enthusiast, there's plenty of excitement for you too. Apart from the rare and exotic flora and fauna you'll encounter on a camping trip to any region, there's also a vast no. of national parks and reserved forests where you can set up base. So spend the night in a machaan up in a tree waiting to unbue the invigorating sight of a predator on the prowl. Or spend hours spotting rare species of binds and insects and capturing them for posterity with your lens eye . or in your minds eye. You can spend days in the jungle taking in the rare sights and sounds and soaking up the wild (literally ) atmosphere . And you wouldn't even notice time fly.

As variegated and magnificent as its natural landscapes and features, is India's wild life splendor. The geographical diversity helps support an equally vast variety of animal and bird species. In fact some of the rarest species of wild life in the world can be encountered in different parts of the country. India is replete with reserves and sanctuaries to protect its wild life resources from exploitation and the ominous threat of extinction. The reserves aim to sustain the delicate balance of ecological factors that promote the need for perpetuation of India's virtually - unmatched diversity of wild life.

Come to the nature be with nature & change your nature. Rajaji National Park in Garhwal and Jim Corbett National Park in Kumaon are veritable treasure houses for animals and birds. These parks offer exviting opportunities of viewing wild life in their nature habitat. Tigers, Panther, Elephants, wild boars, Cheetal, Sambhar, Blue Bull, Python and more than 150 varieties of birds, are the native population of this region.