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Shri Narayan Tours & Travels gives you the best of Educational Tours in the Garhwal Region. Students & their families can enjoy while educating themselves with the nature. Some of the tours we organise are as follows :


Devprayag : The confluence of the Alaknanda and the BhagirathiSurrounding by the beautifulmountain chains of Himalayas, the confluence of the holy rivers, Alaknanda and Bhagirathi originates the holiest river Ganga. It attracts us and fills our hearts with immense pleasure. Even Lord Rama (the incarnation of Lord Vishnu) seeing the serenity and holiness of this spot consecrated it as the fittest place to abserge the sim of Brahmi-cide (Brahma Hatya) Devparyag is named after Devsharma. The famous Raghunath Temple is a living example of south-Indian architecture. The five Shivlings, (the symbol of lord Shiva) Tondeshwar, Dhaneshwar, Bageshwar, Vishweshwar and the temple of Goddess Buvaneshwari are incessantly showering their blessings on the inhabitants, the priests of Shri Badrinath Dham who have their original roots in south-India. These priests have their own special culture which is an epitome of the Indian culture as a whole.

The serenity which pervades this place has attracted a number of saints and devotees to pass their days in meditation and attain the enlightenment. Throughout the ages, Maharishi Vedabyas, Markandeya Shringi, Swami Baallabhcharya, Goswami Tulsidas, Swami Vishuddhanand (popularly known as Baba Kali Kamli), the well-known tourist saint Nehal singh, an eminate writer Dr. Kanhaiya Lal Mishr etc. visited this place, stayed here, and enjoyed themselves of the bliss which they sought for.

Far from the fever and fret of city life, the beauty born of several scenes and sights here gives one the pleasure which become a spiritualized joy which has the strength to soothe cares and lift the thoughts of man.

Keeping in view the desires and interest of its travelers "Shree Narayan Tours & Travel" manages a special "Meditative Travel" tour package (yoga dhyan yatra package) to some other spots too. These spots are rich in natural as well as metaphysical beauty.

Spots worth visiting- Raghunath Temple, Tondeshwar Mahadav, bageshwar Mahadev, Vishwashwar Mahadev, Dhaneshwar Mahadev, Deewanighat, Bhuvaneshwar Temple, Dhaneshwar Fall, Danda Nagraja.

Danda Nagraja- Alighting the bus at Marodagarha distance of 15 km run from Devparyag, the traveler treks on foot on uphill way up to 10 kms. The way passes through verdant forest which refreshes him with its greenery and sweet breeze. The alluring beauty of the forest goads the traveler to go on until the goal is attained. His joy know no bound which his eyes catch the glimpse of the beautiful temple of Shri Nagraja, surrounded by countless ever green and fresh "Bugyals" having innumerable bells hanging to them.

Its an established belief that the cherished desires of the visitors to the temple are fulfilled without fail and devotee (the visitors) in

About Lakhamandal- Unable to beat the five Pandva brother in battle, their 100 step brother, the Kaurvas, built the Lakshya Griha, or Shellac Palace, to entrap the Pandav brother and roast them alive. The remains of the exquisitely carved palace elegant and fragile, are extant to this day in Lakhamandal, 58 km from Chakrata and 72 km from Mossoori. Neside the Palace there is a beautiful carved temple, the inscription say, dating it to the Gupta period, 8th to 15th century. Besides carved pillars, it is famous for its sculptures. It is also famous for its numerous Shivlings, which are continually being found by archeologist. One of the Shivling among them has its own importance, it is said when you pour water on that particular Shivling you will see your image on that Shivling.

Tour itinerary

1st day: Drive from Dehradun to Massoori and then 72 km drive to Lakhamandal. Lunch on the way, night stay at Purola.

2nd day: Drive from Purola to Mossoorie, after completing sightseeing drive to Dehradun. Lunch at Massoorie.