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Yoga & Meditation

The concept of Yoga originated in India several thousands of years ago. It is a method by which one can develop one's Inherent powers in a balanced manners. Yoga can be defined as a means for uniting the individual spirit with the Universal spirtit of God.

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice. It is a scientific system designed to bring the practitioners health, happiness, and a greater sense of Self. In Yoga, the body and mind are linked to create a state of internal peacefulness and integration, bringing the individual from a state of separation to a self-unity that is flexible, accepting and whole. At the practical level, it included in the contemporary definitions of Yoga, is the actual physiological/mental, scientific techniques. These techniques concentrate on posture and alignment, as well as creating a higher consciousness. Yoga utilizes stretching postures, breathing, and meditation techniques to calm the emotional state of mind, and tone the body.

Yoga is a philosophical as well as physical way of life emphasizing harmony of body, mind and soul. The philosophy of yoga is based in Eastern Metaphysical beliefs. The goal of the philosophy is to help a person to become balanced in body and mind and attain self-enlightenment. Yoga, apart from its metaphysical teachings, is beneficial to the body.

The Yoga system philosophy is ascribed by Patanjali, is one of the oldest systems of orthodox Hindu philosophy and deals with the realization of Truth through sadhana (meditation). 

Shri Narayan Tours & Travels organizes various Yoga Tours for various sections of clients.